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What I Do

My name is Eric Patel. I’m an educational influencer, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner dedicated to helping students be successful, no matter their background. In High School I became one of the only students in the state to graduate with a perfect 4.0 GPA through 19 Advanced Placement classes. In college, I again made history, graduating with 199 credits and dual degrees in 4 years, while building up a business from scratch. Now, I work full-time as an engineer and educational influencer. 

I Create.

My completely free student article database has helped millions of students through their journey. It’s a great starting point for educational and career guidance!

I Help.

Although much of my experiences and knowledge are available for free, for students may want more personalized assistance , I’m here to help!

I Teach.

I’m one of the largest educational creators on Tiktok. My videos help students in everything from High School planning to landing their first job. 

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